Saturday, February 07, 2009

On the Visit to the Dong Zen Temple

I told KS the colleague that I won't be back to Klang on Sunday night, so we might have to postpone our plan that we made before the CNY break, of visiting Dong Zen Temple. Well, my plan was to stay over at Alan's. But I guess I didn't inform him early enough about my plan that he was going to have dinner at his uncle's. So when I called KS and told him that I'm on my way back to Klang, he said he was already in PJ at his friend's place. Darn. I guess I'd just spend my Sunday night surfing the net then.

But lo and behold, the others who were involved in the plan of visiting the temple were already back to the hostel.

CH: Had your dinner?
Me: Erm... not really. Why?
CH: We haven't had ours either.
Me: I see. Where do you guys wanna have dinner?
KK: Jenjarom.
Me: Jenjarom? Dong Zen Temple ah?
KK: Yeaps. I thought that was the plan isn't it?
Me: But KS is not here wor.
CH: Don't care lar. It was the initial plan. He didn't make it, it's his loss lor.
KK: Yeah... His loss...
Me: He's soooo going to kill you guys if he found out.

And that was how we ended over at the FGS Dong Zen Temple CNY Lantern & Flora Festival.

The lantern festival ends on the 15th of CNY, which falls on Monday the 9th January. It opens from 10a.m. till 10p.m. daily till the 15th day of CNY.

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raeshad said...

so pretty la all the pics xD

Bengbeng said...

this is like from some other country. it looks so foreign

Sam said...

I love the pics! Real good photography!

Twilight Zone said...

Thanks a million! My friend asked me where's Dong Zen after watching Astro. Now I know it.

*Anton* said...

Really beautiful pics. Have been there for last 2 CNY's already, but i think this year's one is much better judging fm your pics.

jase said...

wow.. it looks as thought that is in Japan! Are you sure its in Malaysia!?

JD Cole said...


i luv he pics~ they're so nice~

next time i also want to go to this temple :)

TZ said...

So nice ... need to pay a visit too... never been there before :)

Medie007 said...

heheheh. thanks for the compliments guys. :D Blushing dy... *blush*

Anton, go pay a visit yourself lar. my pics doesn't really make any fair justification of the place lor...

Jase, Japan? Hmmm wonder how tat comes about. ahahha. thanks!

JD Cole, must go during CNY, after monday i think they're taking it down dy... go now go now!!! :P

TZ, go go go!

ernie said...

i went there last year..

jam packed but it was very beautiful place with beautiful lighting and ambient.

it is worth the jam..

foongpc said...

I went there before, but didn't quite like it last time cos so jam packed with people. But looking at your photos, really nice!

Medie007 said...

ernie, it was worth the jam too, i thought. :P

foongpc, it is nice. really. :D