Tuesday, February 03, 2009

On Gastroentritis Prone

Now now, even though the kitchen at home cooks up a feast for the one week I was there, there are times when the chef needs her rest. More often than not, we would go out for breakfast. And by breakfast, what else would be catching my interest other than kolo mee and siu mai and Sarawak laksa?

But the problem with us dining out, the parents always come back complaining of stomach ache. Therefore, when the sis made a remark that her friends said visitors come into the city for food, we were like, yea right, we don't even know where the good foods are.

Thing is, before we even wanted to go to a particular shop for food, Dad would say "no, stomach ache." And when more than half the eating shops got tagged as that, we were only left with a few that they've been frequently visit.

So when the CNY comes, that frequently-visited shops take a break for a day or two, we were forced to eat elsewhere. And dad's worried face showed. Right after eating, he's rushed us and get us home. That's when he was the first to have his potty break.

Things took for a worse turn when the gastroenteritis problem showed up not only in Dad, but in the rest of the family as well. Little brother was down on the 1st day of CNY. Sis occasionally had a distended stomach. And Mum's problem lasted for 3 days since the 3th day of CNY, while dad's started on the 5th till the day I flew away on a jet plane.

That was with dad. Mum's stomach ache was more of the distended bloated feeling. Charcoal helped a little with her diarrhoea. And gastric meds helped since she has gastric problem, that's what she said. But the ache has been persistent. And from the upper abdomen, it travelled to the side. The pain was intermittent. And lots of diarrhoea as well. She kept on guessing, what was exactly the thing that she ate. Nuts? Wine? Nuts? Wine? Really, nothing else could've triggered the pain, since everything else was what she cooked. For 3 days she was down with the stomach pain and weakness from excessive potty business. And for three days sis cooked pain porridge. (Now that means we don't actually have a feast for every meal). And things turned for the better finally... when Dad started to show symptoms.

Being Dad, he's always so stubborn when it comes to making decisions concerning himself. He took some charcoal pills to stop the diarrhoea, but the stomach pain was persistent. So he took two tablets of paracetamol, to help relieve the pain. And when that doesn't help as well, he thought it's smart to take the painkiller prescribed 2 years ago, to which he remembered was a 'strong' painkiller.

15 minutes later, he fell down upstairs, and the whole house went into chaos running upstairs checking out what's the big thud. He said his vision were blurry. His hands were numb. And his legs weak. Stomach was painful still. And he was moaning in pain. Pulse was normal, breathing was normal. Not knowing what's the cause really, we got him oral rehydration salt. Could be lack of salt considering he'd had so many episodes of potty break.

Apparently, after checking out what's exactly the 'strong' painkiller that he took, I told mum that it's not actually for his stomach pain. Celecoxib, it's called, is mainly for joint pains. So when he took it simply, that's when the stomach pain worsen, visions got blurry, and his limbs got weak. There were some mechanism to it alright, am too lazy to find out. All these side effects, gotten it off the net. And that's when Mum scolded him, "Told you not to simply take medicine. And you never listen. Now the doctor in the house tell you that you want to listen or not?"

Anyways, his condition didn't turn better. Last night, sis sent a text saying dad vomitted, and them 2 ladies at home with a sick dad, they were in chaos as well. I called and asked more about the vomit. And I thought it's just a normal acute gastroenteritis. With no antibiotic at home, I asked them to feed him with loads of 100plus and paracetamol to help with the pain. Clinic is a must the following day. He'll still need the antibiotic no matter what. Sis said dad will follow my advice.

Ah finally.

Stubborn-ness has a limit.

Just hoping things will turn for the better. They soooo need to be healthy.

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*Anton* said...

Aiks, hope dad is alright now.


JD Cole said...

old ppl just hard as a rock when it comes to listening to the young ones especially doctor-in-the making =)

Medie007 said...

Anton, dad's healing. :D

JD Cole, hahaha... true... they're the "MAN" ma

foongpc said...

Wow! It's nice to have a doctor in the house! At least can get some good advice. Even if it's from a doctor in the making : )

TZ said...

errrr.... you dad and my dad have in common... stubborn when sick. Unfortunately, i don't have doctor in the house... so zero advice. Sometime it's tough to drag my dad to see the doctor.

Medie007 said...

foongpc, maybe it looks like tat lor. but making one is a lot of hard work

tz, wah, then u need to add oil lor