Sunday, January 04, 2009

On Mysterious Transparent Nodules

See, I have been noticing some growth on my sole for the past few weeks.

Gasps! Trauma? Parasitic manifestations? Mites? Insect bites? CARCINOMA???

It's this really really small kinda nodule, and by the touch of it, I think it's deep deep down beneath the skin. Maybe embedded inside the muscle or something. Really small. Very puny. And it looks kinda transparent. Like you can clearly see there's something there. And they look like eggs of some parasites or something.

They're not hurtful. But with itchy hands like mine trying to pop them, or just to pick them out with nail clippers, they hurt like hell.

I asked my colleague about it. I tried to describe, and she said it's some... err... Okay honestly, I don't know what she mentioned. But she said we'll get it when we don't wear shoes and walk around. She said she got that a lot when she was younger, playing basketball without shoes.

And here's news, she said it doesn't go away that easily. And it takes eons. WTF?

And that got me thinking, since when did I actually walk around shoes-less??? I am, if anything, one of the most hygienic person! Yea right. Maybe not the most, but at least I know how to draw a line between filth and cleanliness. So this shouldn't be happening to me! Not on my soles!

And just the other night, I noticed a new one coming up beneath the toe. WTF?!

Latest update, there's more. Clusters are coming up. HELLLPPPP!!!! And I found out it's actually plantar warts, also known as verucca plantaris. The textbook said it'll resolve by itself, but it may take up to months or years. Better still, it's caused by HPV... But there's no mention of the prognosis though. Might it actually turn cancerous?

ps: Yes I have plantar hyperkeratosis as well.

3 Jujus:

Legolas said...

Poke them with a needle and see how.

Bengbeng said...

what are you going to do about it? i have a friend who worked in an African country for three years .. he came back with that too... the whole left foot

Sam said...

I think they exist on your palms as well too sometimes.

Taking close-ups of it makes it eeeewer. :P