Wednesday, January 14, 2009

On Heineken's New Tool

It was eons ago since I played the game online. There was this advertisment by Heineken back then, on most of the blogs. And out of itch and curiosity, I went in and clicked around. Gotten myself a limited bottle opener, it said. And there was supposed to be some emails or notifications or some sort that confirmed my winnings. But 2 days passed and there was no news. So I thought it was just some games anyways.

Until a week ago, I received the text message above. Blimey! So it was real after all! I went online and checked on the email.

Complications stood in the way. How could I possibly claim my surprise gift on a weekday when my class ends at 5? And even if the class ended earlier, I still wouldn't be able to make it to Damansara Heights. Somehow, things took for a change and walah...

Not exactly what I expected. It was definitely HUGE. For a bottle opener... Maybe that's why they call it the music bottle opener? That it'll start to sing when you used it to open a beer bottle... Until I found out what it really is.

It is indeed a music bottle opener. I took a closer look at the designs on the bottle and found out they're actually musical instruments. Percussions, drums, jing-a-ling whatever... And the bottle opener is just the size half an identification card. What a bummer. When I thought it's a THICK 7 incher.

Then again, I couldn't complain. It's after all, as stated in the letter, a limited edition. Don't know how true it is. But what the heck. So yeah, now everyone knows I'm a drinker.

This is a paid post. As if.

7 Jujus:

JD Cole said...

When I thought it's a THICK 7 incher.

wah~ *speechless ;)

TZ said...

Dude, my birthday is coming ... i don't mind to have this as my B-day prezo :p

Thanks you~ Thank you~

Medie007 said...

JD Cole, wat's so speechless about that? :P

TZ, i'll come up with something else for your prezo. :P not my THICK 7 incher. :P

SERM said...

hur....i used to think those were internet scams!

Bengbeng said...

congratulations! forget tz's birthday ..send it to Benghui as a CNY present :)

*Anton* said...

JD ~ Waaa, urs oso got aboriginal design ka?

Nice new tool you have , Bong. ^_^


Medie007 said...

SERM, now that you know, maybe some are not scam. :P

Bengbeng, well said well said! hahaha... but then, Benghui is too young to drink!

Anton, yea lor, aboriginal design. :P and thanks for the compliment! i know my tool is nice. :P