Monday, November 17, 2008

On Family on Friends

If you've been following the blog long enough, you'd have known that my Mum knows all my friends. From school that is. She knows where they live, she knows who I hang out with the most, and she knows how they look like.

After I entered university, she still knows who are the ones in my brotherhood. The ones I live with when I was staying out of campus last year. Even treated them to dinner before too. And when the brotherhood visited the land of hornbill last year, they put up at my place, so literally, she lived with them too! >.<

The thing is, I have more friends than just the brotherhood after I embarked on my university journey in KL. The closer ones she'll still know. The ones I have mentioned before. Like whoever's girlfriend, the lab mates, the super viva distinction students, the group members and so on.

But then, I have friends whom I met online. Which is SO SO SO not what she'd need to know. So naturally, she doesn't know who they are. More often than not, I had to lie her I was with friends that she doesn't know when I went out with these friends, especially guys who have preference for guys.

So when we saw one while going up the elevator in KLCC last weekend, I knew that they, as in Mum and Sis, will 'interogate' me. We were on our way to the ground floor when the pharmacist and his other half was coming down on the other side of the elevator. Been a while since I meet up with these people, so I just hold up my hand and gave a wave. Partner saw me and told the pharmacist, and he was waving. And he made hand signs asking whether I was alone. Mum already saw him waving at me so I had to point at Mum and Sis who was standing a few steps behind me.

Mum: Your friend?
Me: Yeah.
Mum: From school?
Me: He's a pharmacist.
Mum: Oh... no wonder he looks older than you.

But at least she wasn't like how she was when I was in secondary school, asking about the parents or where they stay or how's their result or if they talk in class... I would've expected her to ask what's his name, but she didn't. To my relief, I didn't have to tell her that I met them on the net. Which, based on my past history, was not something she'd ever want to happen ever again.

But when sis asked,

Sis: He looks familiar.

I was stunned. Does she know that I pretended I don't know she thought I didn't know what she thinks?

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Anonymous said...

The reason why your mom doesn't interrogate you like she used to is because she trusts you and she treats you like an adult and respect your choice of friends, so don't break that trust.

Wait until she sees someone sissy or a guy dresses up so gayish waving at you. I bet she'll say, "Why do you befriends with such people? Are you gay?" Lol...

Little Dove said...

You meet hundreds of people in the hospital everyday. Tell her it's just someone from the hospital next time? ;)

Janvier said...

Now we're curious as to what happened when you met someone from the 'Net.

foongpc said...

I like your last sentence - Does she know that I pretended I don't know she thought I didn't know what she thinks? : ) I had to re-read that a few times. Haha.

Your mom still treat you like a small kid, asking who your friends are and so on. But I guess she cares about you, so you can't blame her. Will you ever tell her the truth about your sexual orientation?

So the big question now is, does your sis know?

{SK} said...

i like this sentence: "Does she know that I pretended I don't know she thought I didn't know what she thinks?".. a real mind teaser that is..

and you are trying to let them know but don't really want to let them know that you wanted to let them know?? :p

joshua said...

Ahem, don't Mums always know?

*pat pat*

Jaded_Jeremy said...

Last sentence's too mind boggling for bedtime ;-)

Takashi said...

I wished my mOm would care to even ask..

Bengbeng said...

i think secretly yr mum must b glad she can let go a bit now that u have grown up or havent u ? ;)

JC said...

haha! the last para is a bit the... comfusing. LOL.

I even worst. I have something like you facing now. And even I want to go out, have to write down their name and number on a book.

My mom's the woman !

Ah-Bong said...

calvin, there's nothing wrong in befriending sissy guy. not to be mean or anything, i have friends who were soft when i was in school last time. so you cannot judge just by that.

little dove, that's a BRILLIANT idea! ahaha

janvier, what's to curious about?

Ah-Bong said...

foongpc, my last sentence? :P took me some time enough to figure out what i wrote too. hahaha.

sk, i don't intend to hurt anyone. that's all i'm saying. ;)

joshua, agreed. mum always know. does yours know?

Ah-Bong said...

jaded_jeremy, i can see imagine you just read it and didn't bother to find out what it means? LOL

takashi, just tell! :P hahaha

bengbeng, that's why lor i'm worried she'll worry too much...

jc, your mum... GENG! hahaha