Wednesday, October 01, 2008

On the Middle of the Valley

We headed over to Ampang Lookout Point against Dad's wish of strolling along One Utama after our afternoon tea the other day. I've always wanted to bring them to such places, places that they would never have thought of if they were new to KL. But having us living in the valley for over two years, especially me *ahem ahem*, I thought it'd be nice once a while to take them to places that they could show off to their friends. Or relatives, for all I care. *sniggering* I know, I'm tad being show-off, but well, for one, I thought the view on the peak was breath-taking enough to be considered as a place they should visit this time round.

It was sis's first time there, being a girl and still single, no doubt she wouldn't be adventurous enough to find her way through the city up that winding road. It's of course the first time for the rest in the family as well. Mum and Dad was amazed, even brother thought it was a cool place.

And somehow the conversation leads on towards the places we were in, the Klang Valley and what not. And then...

Bro: Mid Valley, exactly in the middle of the Klang valley. That's how they came up with the name.

Sis: Rubbish.

Me: Is it?

Mum: Really?

Sis: You believe mei?

Bro: You really believe?

Me: You lied one ah?

Bro: I made it up one lah.

Mum: Cheh. Simply said.

Bro: But logic right? Mid-valley. Exactly centre of the valley.

Sis: Don't tell me you really believe it.

Me: I did. I actually did. Hmm.. Mid Valley...

Sis: Goodness. Can't believe you actually bought what he said.

Dad: It made sense what.

Bro: Yalar. It's quite logical right?

Well... true enough, I think you would actually buy it too right?

Pictures: TheFalcon, SangPhotographer

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Takashi said...

i come to think that midvally is actually in the middle of pj and kl.. hence, middle of "valley".. but true

Jaded_Jeremy said...

It is a very plausible explanation.

H.a.M.s.A.p said...

Hahah..I would buy it too..^^

Ryan said...

Hmm... I have never thought about why it is named Midvalley before!

pikey said...

waaaaaaah.. nice look out point pic... perhaps you can post a google map on how to go there too

Ah-Bong said...

takashi, lol...

jaded jeremy, how come ur nick look so familiar?? hmmm

hamsap, haha you too?

ryan, took you by surprise huh?

pikey, i din took that photo, it was taken from flickr. :P