Friday, August 15, 2008

On Getting Caught Red Handed

I picked up that Philipino hot dude, Sabastian and we drove around the light industrial area nearby. It was 1 in the morning, so naturally the place was pretty deserted. Sabastian was here on work purposes, so he was sharing room with his colleague. Otherwise I wouldn't have agreed to his idea of meeting up and hang out in the car. He was horny, I was horny. Any cheap motel would be a better idea, but somehow if I brought up that idea, I would be the one paying. So in the end, I drove over and picked him up anyways. He would be leaving this coming Saturday, and he was too damn hot to be missed. Plus, he's huge. Any gay man would want to put their hands on that. Of course women would want to be f*cked by that tool lar. But Sabastian didn't say he's bi. What the heck right?
I thought I'd have called you sooner, you know it was like, omigawd I was so shocked and all, and I'm sure you'd be as shocked but it was like er, 3 in the morning and I don't want to be beheaded the next time you see me or something. But on the basis that we're such good friends, I thought I'd tell you. I mean, I can't think of anyone else to share it with. You're the only non-scene guy who knows about me, and I don't think I want to tell my homo pals. It was like... I dunno where to start...

Just tell already. Get to the point.

We got busted.

Uh ,what?

We got busted. Red handed. While we were doing it. In my car.


See! I knew you'd be shocked too. Hahahahaha.

By who? Policemen?

I thought they were. I climaxed the first time. He was a top. And as I told you, although I'm flexible, I top on ONS. So he said he'd just jack me off in the car or something. So I just let him do his thing, he got me hard, and I just enjoyed lar. Although to be really honest, I was pretty anxious. It was the back alley alright, but there were lights. It wasn't really that all secluded in the first place.

By who? Just tell me who.

Wait lar. Let me finish my story in chronological order. And I climaxed. Dude, I never knew I could produce that much a load, considering I masturbated like erm, 3 times already that day.

Grosss... gross gross gross.... Leave out all the gross stuff.

Shit man, what's so gross about semen water? And sperm. Heck you were a sperm.

Fuck lar. Get to the climax of your sexperience already.

Okay okay. So I climaxed, and he sucked me off. So naturally I was still hard. He wiped off the excess and sat there looking at me. I mean like, he was hot no doubt, I would give him one hell of a blowjob. But before I got to that he started to stroke my penis again. Waliao, of course I'd get hard lah kan? And he was like so dumb-ishly commented, you're hard again. Fool... Total fool. It was about 2 by then. Then he pun keep on stroking lar. I wanted to call it a night, but since he was serving me and all, I just let him be. Heck, how many times do we get hot stud giving us a handjob kan? You know lar, philipinos can be damn hot sometimes. But all so suddenly, someone shone flashlight into the car.


Yalar! We were both shocked. I jumped up, and pulled my pants up, I even had the thought of speeding away.

Was it the cops?

I don't know. I was too panic to even notice. And a man came down and asked me to roll down the window already.

Was it the cops damnit?!

Wait lar. Let me tell you the story first.

Aiyah... so cheong hei... You got arrested?

Siao ah. No lah. But they took my IC already. I came out of the car and nearly pissed my pants. I was begging like, really really begging so that they let me go. I mean, at that moment, I was really really scared. Gosh. Shit. They asked where am I from, student or working, and even asked where I studied. Can die lar...

No kidding!? Are they the cops?

I was begging like really really begging. Even to the extend of like I'm whispering into his ear already. Please please please please please let me go.... And you know what he said?

Hahahaha. That you give him a blowjob too?

Shit lar you. You're as homo as I am.


He just said, I can help you lar. How do you want me to help you?

No shit. You bribed him?

Hey dude, what can I do? Can't expect me to just let them copy my info and issue me summonses kan? I'm a proffesional for Christ's sake. Can you imagine what it'll be like if the college admin found out? Got kicked out okeh! Not to mention if my parents were informed about it. Like. Holy crap. So many things flashed through my mind. My whole life is totally ruined man... Ruined.

Okaay...... Is he cute and hunky?

Fuck you lar...

See! Me also you want to fuck. Nothing wrong with checking him out right?

Fuck you. I was being caught red handed, not by my family, but by some law enforcers. You think it's something that can be fooled around with ah? I can end up in jail and got everything that I earned so far ruined in one night. It's like a BIIIIGGGGG deal okay!?

Obviously you're not calling from a jail right?

Er... Actually...


Hahaha. No lar. I bribed them for 40 bucks and they asked us to leave. Wham we just left. I swear my hearbeat easily reached 60 beats per minutes.

You'd have collapsed.

Blardy hell. Just a figure of speech okeh.

So nothing happened lor?

No lor. I didn't see him copy my IC. But I'm not sure if they copied my car plate number. They know my college. They could easily track me down lor. So I'm hoping they'll not do anything lar.

Heh. I thought you swear after that last one.

Dude, we're all man okay. We have sexual desires.

Satisfy the desire in a safe environment lor.

You know who they actually are?


Not cops. Just the guards. Sabastian told me he saw the car quite clearly. It wasn't a police car.

Fuck you lar. Lucky bitch.

Hey, I was shocked as hell okay? Besides, aren't you lucky that you know this lucky bitch?

Serve you right.

Blardy hell. Oh yea, he was pretty manly. That guy that I almost groped.

Blardy hell... You checked him out!

Of course I did. I'm a homo for all that matters.

This is a phone conversation.
Me vs Him (His last

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Silencer said...

damn. it's like a

Legolas said...

So cheong hei. I would've stop listening to him already. Or refuse to know what happened. Tell me also I don't want to listen. Haha.

pikey said...

aiyo... next time, get a room lar!!

Ah-Bong said...

silencer: flattery! you read the whole thing! haha

leggie: aiya... good friend ma.. give face lor.

pikey: yalor yalor!