Wednesday, August 06, 2008

On the Chinese Iban

It started off when Sharyn asked if there is any Iban traditional costume in the longhouse for photograph purposes, never did she knew it would became such a hassle to wear the dress and the beads and the shirt and whatever ting-tong there are in the traditional Iban costume.

It turned out to become the costumes for the emcees for the official opening ceremony and some of the usherers for the MP of Sarikei that afternoon.

Too bad Sharyn's hair wasn't long enough, she couldn't wear the so-called tiara on her hair. What a pity! On the other hand...

Lo and behold, look who transformed into an angel!

Never knew she could be so beautiful. Oh, and I fall in love with the one close up face pic of her. Gotta admit, I'm getting better. *sniggering*

Our own Chinese Iban. Taken.

2 Jujus:

K said...

I guess you should wear like that ?

Katetricia said...

taken... by yourself? ;p