Monday, June 08, 2015

On the Insight of Shit: Part 1 - the whole idea

Read this with an open mind. I have tried my best dissecting this to the simplest, most basic "founding blocks" of a "building".

I do not guarantee you would be bothered by the thinking on it or around it after you read this, but I can be quite certain, a lot of you would have this "What the heck is this idiotic goon talking about?"
Cheers to a good week ahead!

我今天得到了一个见解! I found my insight today! On 💩💩💩.

1) As human, we all eat to live. The action of eating, must produce the action of shitting. And the action of shitting differs from people to people. This ACTION is called 大便, or 噢屎, or "pang sai", or "Buang air besar", or "bowel openings", or "defecate".

2) Thus, the ACTION of defecation produces FECES 💩.

3) But. What happens when this ACTION is more than that persons' normal frequency, ie 大便大便大便大便? It's called "Diarrhoea"! 😃
(But of course, I have not explored enough on "Diarrhoea", which I definitely will, when I 大便)

Now. More insights.

4) Usually, we know we are going to go through this ACTION when we experience the URGE 😖


5) When the URGEs become abnormal, ie. When it continues on WITHOUT the ACTION of "大便" or the PRODUCE of "💩", it becomes ABNORMAL. And this is called "TENESMUS"

6) "TENESMUS" is a word to describe these abnormal urges, it's also a phenomena in some way, caused by more than 1 possible factors, concurrently or individually. One of the common cause is "CONSTIPATION" - which produces the same 'outcome' felt from "TENESMUS", ie the 😖.

Then you ask: What sets "CONSTIPATION" apart from "TENESMUS"?

CONSTIPATION is as one of the causes to "TENESMUS".

But, unfortunately so far no one actually specifically pointed any reasons/causes to "CONSTIPATION".

SO, with the understanding of the insights above, here comes my ultimate proposals:-
1 - 🍔 --(pass thru 🎅)-->💩
2 - Immediately before 🍔 comes out from 🎅 as 💩,  this 🎅 will fell 😖.
3 - But when 🎅 experience 😖😖😖 without output of 💩, he has "TENESMUS" <- The collective word to group the phenomena.
4 - Although most of the time caused by "CONSTIPATION", it is possible that🎅 actually does NOT have it!

So, the conclusion I derive from all these is that...
If 🎅 always 😖😖😖 and no 💩, he can either be "EXPERIENCING" this 😖 due to "CONSTIPATION" or "TENESMUS"; but that does not necessarily means he has "CONSTIPATION" entirely.

Note: This conclusion is only confined to human beings, under this context, and not to be applied any any other contexts.

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