Tuesday, December 06, 2011

On the Starbucks Planners

Starbucks planner 2011(L) and 2010(R)

Me: Let's go Starbucks...

: But drinks there not nice.

Got nice one... Let me order for you.

: You always go to Starbucks?

: It's the time of the year to collect the planner.

: Aiyoo....


5 Jujus:

[SK] said...

so this planner costs you RM150??

Twilight Man said...

Doktor kaya! Nice planner.

Tempus said...

yer, starbucks in malaysia is go and see and to be seen. quoted by my animal agriculture lecturer.

over sweetened and creams la

planner? I have SPCA cute ones which only cost rm30, for charity purposes, interested?

Small Kucing said...

Congrats :)

doc said...

don't the medical reps give you free ones? not so classy like the SB ones but still serve its purpose.